Aobo Wang

Flower Demon



Flower Demon

This is a collaborated piece with Designer QiLe. Flower demons are similar to sirens and evil fairies; the enchanters draw people with their flashy looks and charisma. In "Strange Tales of Liaozhai", the author emphasizes the foundational elements of the attitudes behind the flower demons’ physical appearances. They not only seduce. While creating restless and endless thoughts, they are also addictive. When indulging obsessions with flower demons, people also need to be on guard. In a way, flower demons are neither good nor evil. By adding flawed aesthetic elements in our design and shoot, we are trying to deliver the restlessness and illusion, lust and violence at the same time through the image that we create.


This work was featured at:

  • Expo Chicago 2017, Chicago, IL.

  • Manifest, Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL;

  • Digital Lab, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL;

  • Shop Columbia, Columbia College Chicago, IL

  • The 7th Dali international photography exhibition, Dali, Yunnan, China